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2018 -2020 DCAA Board of Directors and Officers

Name 姓名 Responsibilities
Board of Directors DCAA Chun Hui Chinese School
Siqun Wang 王思群 Director Interim President
Hao Hui 回浩 Director Vice President Chair of School Council
Shaoming Qu 曲少明 Director Secretary Officer  
Sherry Zhu 朱晓冬 Director Treasurer  
Zhiying Zhang 张志英 Director and Chief Financial Officer DCAA  
Xiaoming Ma 麻晓明 Director Education Officers Member of School Council
Leo Liang 梁潇鹤 Director IT Officer  
Juliet Zhang 张薇 Director Public Relation Officer  
Ping Xu 徐平 Director Public Relation Officer  
Hansan Liu 刘汉三 Director Public Relation Officer Member of School Council
YuShan Wang 王玉山 Director Operation Officer  
Zhaoyang Ou 欧朝阳 Director Operation Officer  
Man Zhang 张曼 Director Operation Officer Member of School Council
Jun Liu 刘军 Director Operation Officer  
Carrie Fang  方 晨 School Officer Principal
Liang Hong 宏 亮 School Officer Assistant Principal
Jenny Zhang  张 震 School Officer School Manager 
Jianping Fan 范建萍 School Officer Education Financial Officer Member of School Council

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